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Doctor Who/Attack on Titan - The Last Siege Pt 12
The sound of the TARDIS materializing cut through the cool night air in what was once the bustling Shiganshina district. Once it had finished materializing, the door swung open and four figures rushed out into the night guided only by the warm glow of lanterns, otherworldly Sonic Screwdriver light and the pale light of a First Quarter moon. The three young soldiers knew that the Titans got their energy from the sunlight and most likely would be asleep this time of night. Still, it didn’t make sneaking past the sleeping behemoths any less nerve wracking. At one point a three meter class Titan who was sleeping against a dilapidated building raised its head up from its knees ever so slightly to see what was making all the noise, but the Doctor was on it before it could move another muscle.
“No, no, no, go back to sleep,” the Doctor said quietly as he pointed his Screwdriver at the Titan in an attempt to amplify the sleep messages in its feeble brain. “Go to sleep a
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Rick Paperchild by VicodinFlavoredMints Rick Paperchild :iconvicodinflavoredmints:VicodinFlavoredMints 21 13 Christmas Gift for Hinata-teh-Lefty by VicodinFlavoredMints Christmas Gift for Hinata-teh-Lefty :iconvicodinflavoredmints:VicodinFlavoredMints 9 6 Secret Ranger Gift for landra15 by VicodinFlavoredMints Secret Ranger Gift for landra15 :iconvicodinflavoredmints:VicodinFlavoredMints 7 8 Secret Ranger for XXanimeseekerXX by VicodinFlavoredMints Secret Ranger for XXanimeseekerXX :iconvicodinflavoredmints:VicodinFlavoredMints 7 8
Doctor Who/Attack on Titan - The Last Siege Pt 11
Eren strained and struggled against the grip of whoever or whatever was dragging him into an abandoned building a few yards from where he was walking earlier. However he was no match against its superior strength.  Once Eren was inside the building, he was roughly set down in a dilapidated kitchen chair across from an equally dilapidated table and the owner of the hands holding him down spoke.
“Quiet! Someone will hear you!”
This hushed voice, while it was familiar to Eren, was one that he had nearly forgotten since he hadn’t heard it in about five years.
“Dad,” he exclaimed almost forgetting to keep his voice down.
He then looked across the table and saw Grisha Jaeger sitting across from him in the dying daylight that was able to get through the fogged over windows of the house they were in. Even though five years had passed, Eren’s father still looked about the same as he did back then. The only things that differed about his appearance now we
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Art Trade for Whitelili123 by VicodinFlavoredMints Art Trade for Whitelili123 :iconvicodinflavoredmints:VicodinFlavoredMints 10 29
Doctor Who/Attack on Titan - The Last Siege Pt 10
A splash of frigid water over his head and a cruel slap on the face served as a wakeup call for Bertolt, who wasn’t entirely sure how long he’d been asleep. As his sight and hearing came back into focus, he saw Reiner standing over him holding an empty bucket. His faces knotted up so tightly in anger he looked like he was ready to slap him again. Bertolt also noticed that he was back in the same underground room he’d been in yesterday, and that for some reason he couldn’t remember his head was pounding.
“That really was a piece of work you did back there,” Reiner growled sarcastically, throwing the bucket to the floor. “Zackley’s gonna be pissed when he gets down here.”
“Wha-what do you mean,” Bertolt clumsily asked, wiping the last of the water out if his eyes.
Reiner then jumped forward, his angry face inches away from Bertolt’s.
“What happened is you blew your mission,” the burly blond hissed.
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Mature content
Doctor Who/Attack on Titan - The Last Siege Part 9 :iconvicodinflavoredmints:VicodinFlavoredMints 7 6
Doctor Who/Attack on Titan - The Last Siege Part 8
The sun was just starting to go down as Eren, Armin, Mikasa and the Eleventh Doctor stepped out of the TARDIS and back into the alley. They’d only gone a few feet before Connie Springer literally ran into the four of them with an important message: the titan the Doctor had subdued earlier that day had started to try and break out of the net, and Eren’s squad that had stayed to watch it had no choice to but to kill it.
The Doctor was upset at first, but when told that there was no other way they could keep it alive without it harming others he quietly nodded in agreement with the decision.
“Eren, Mikasa; go with Connie and deliver your report to your captain,” the Doctor told the two teens. “Tell Smith I’ll deliver my final report to him in the morning.”
Eren and Mikasa nodded, understanding that the Doctor wanted them to tell Smith about the incident with the titan, and nothing of what happened afterward because they still weren’t entirel
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Doctor Who/Attack on Titan - The Last Siege Part 7
Annie Leonhart wasn’t able to see or hear very well what was going on outside of her protective crystal cocoon, but she could feel it.
Over the course of a few weeks she had sent out microscopic, crystallized roots from her cocoon and into the walls and floor of her prison cell. This enabled her to feel the vibrations of every footstep and conversation within a radius of about twenty miles from her cell, and with enough practice she could decipher those vibrations into words.
What she was hearing now was very disturbing. Darius Zackley was talking with Reiner and Bertolt about monitoring some kind of strange doctor; a doctor with two hearts and a strange screwdriver that suddenly arrived and had caused quite a splash. As she eavesdropped on a few other conversations, she picked up on all the amazing things that this doctor had done, such as getting a titan to spit him back up and subduing it with next to no effort at all, and how he had associated himself with Eren Jaeger and his
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Doctor Who/Attack on Titan - The Last Siege Part 6
The Doctor was seated in one of the chairs that stood along the edge of the control console platform, nervously rubbing his hands together as if he wasn’t sure where to start. However, the anxious eyes of his new friends who were seated around him started to bore into him making the Time Lord all the more nervous, so he decided to begin with what they all wanted to know about.
“The titans as you know them are actually a species known as the Genvitores. They come from a planet billions and billions of miles from your own,” the Doctor began. “The Genvitores are basically pirates of space. They see a planet they like, they just go ahead and take it; not caring who was there first. And where the Genvitores come from everything is a lot, lot bigger. So when they saw your planet and how small you all were, they thought you’d be easy pickings.”
Eren, Armin and Mikasa exchanged shocked but dubious looks. It seemed too fantastic to believe but somehow it all
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Doctor Who/Attack on Titan - The Last Siege Part 5
Only a few blocks away from where the Doctor’s blue box was parked stood a large multi-story building that served as Captain Smith’s temporary Trost headquarters. Just outside one of the windows of the topmost floor, a laundry line was hung between it and an adjacent building. The line was loaded down with all of the Doctor’s clothes; coat, shirt, trousers, bowtie, even his boots were washed, and left to dry out in the sun.
Behind this window was a large bedroom with an attached bathroom. The rooms were sparsely furnished with only the essentials; a bed, a dresser and mirror, a desk, a few chairs and the bathroom contained only a wooden stool, a bucket and a cast iron tub. This was the room that Captain Smith had arranged for the Doctor to stay in.
“It certainly was nice of Captain Smith to get such a nice room for me,” the Doctor said to Eren, Armin, and Mikasa, who were on the other side of the closed bathroom door.
“Yeah, he’s pretty generou
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2015 dA ID by VicodinFlavoredMints 2015 dA ID :iconvicodinflavoredmints:VicodinFlavoredMints 12 40
Doctor Who/Attack on Titan - The Last Siege Part 4
In a dark, underground stone room far below the center of the city, Generalissimo Darius Zackley was pacing back and forth, railing and cursing at the two young men who were kneeling before him.
“You mean to tell me that you have no idea how this man subdued a fifteen meter class titan with just a screwdriver; and that you didn’t even bother to find out his real name or how he even did it?!?”
There was a long, uncomfortable pause. Then one of the young men, Bertolt Hoover, ventured to speak.
“We thought it was best to let you know right away sir,” he said nervously.
He was answered by a swift kick in the gut from Zackley.
“And then not get all the information you could,” Zackley fumed. “This is why the only thing you’re allowed to do is knock over the walls, Hoover! YOU DON’T THINK THINGS THROUGH!!!”
The only things Bertolt could do to respond were to gasp for air and try to stay in a kneeling position, all while the oth
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Super Saiyan Squarepants by VicodinFlavoredMints Super Saiyan Squarepants :iconvicodinflavoredmints:VicodinFlavoredMints 22 34


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